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  • Do you provide individual planning services for men?
    Yes, everyone is welcome for a custom trip experience.
  • What happens if I suddenly can no longer afford the trip?
    We still request full payment for trip planning services but we will extend our travel assistance free of charge until your trip is postponed if it is within the same booking year.
  • When will I know how much my trip costs?
    You will know the moment you receive your itinerary. All prices will be clearly indicated and clients retain the option to limit or change their activities to fit within their budget.
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    Due to our low price guarantee, deposits are NOT refundable.
  • Why should I choose Princess J Travels over a more popular luxury brand?
    By having your own personally assigned travel expert every step of your planning and journey, you simply can’t lose. We'll save ideas for you, remember your preferences, and even remind you of upcoming special events and occasions so you'll never miss out or have to start over once you've become a client.
  • Do you provide any sort of extra pre-arrival information for the tours and packages?
    We will send you a fully-customized itinerary with all of your travel information prior to your trip. You'll have one set of documents you can view electronically or print with your trip outline, confirmations, contact numbers, and special pro-tips all in one place!
  • How can I request my consultation in another language?
    We also offer services in Spanish, French, and Mandarin. After submitting a consultation request, please email us at with your name, consultation time, and preferred language.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, all clients may have a courtesy plan. We also offer up to three separate payment plans for larger groups at no extra costs.
  • How early in advance can I book?
    Travelers may book any trip that takes place within a full year and without paying any additional fees.
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